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Zealous Representation of Clients

Motivated by Belief in Their Goals

Real Estate Litigation

Real property has been at the core of Florida's economy from the beginning. 

Buying, owning, and selling property should be straightforward, fair, and economical. Our neighbors, our government, and our service providers should help us to live and work together so that we can all do business and live well.

Commercial Litigation

Business drives Florida's economy, creates its jobs, and keeps it a beautiful place to live. To thrive, our business climate needs to operate honestly, fairly, and predictably.

Giving Back

Representing the Vulnerable, because I grew up in Pinellas and it's still my home. All of us deserve a safe and welcoming place to live and work. Regardless of ability to pay, if you need legal help, I will suggest where to go or help you myself if I can. Email for consideration of a pro bono matter.

Disclaimer. Nothing on this site is legal advice. This is a lawyer advertisement. No attorney client relationship will be formed until the firm sends a written engagement letter confirming its scope and terms. We will not consider representing you until we review the names of those who may be adverse to you, and determine that we have no conflicts of interest, before you share any confidential information with us. If you would like us to consider representing you as a new client, please email with only the names of those who may be adverse to you in your matter.